40 Women Benefit from a vocational training session on Cosmetic Products


Under the sponsorship and collaboration of an individual donor in celebration of her birthday, These Vulnerable women benefited from training on the production of ;

It was a 2 days training session in which a certificate was issued to the trainees.

The training took place in Bonaberi at Zoe Health Foundation,  under the supervision of Dr. Djidjonri Farsia patient, which he saw the initiatives as a great one which would make women fully independent and a lifestyle change.

Madam Zouleyhatou Issa, a trainee expresses her feelings.

I am very grateful to participate in this workshop, today I am an entrepreneur because I would face the market and make money.
Zouleyhatou Issa

Start-up capital was handed to these women to enable them to start a business marking the end of the working session.

Support through bank transfer

Account Name Account Name Engaging Humankind in Harnessing Hope CAMER
Bank Code 10033
Branch Code 05201
Account Numver 01031000334
RIB Code 89
Bank Name UBA Cameroon
IBAN CM21 10033 05201 01031000334 89